Welcome to the world renowned Blue Kryptonite Bullyz. This is the home of Champion Achilles the one and only, as well as Champion Simran.  We have our own style just like your G2, Kurupt, Kingpinline, Daxline, Gottiline, Goochline, Razors Edge, bullycampline.  We encorporate many different looks from your 11 inch Micro bullie to your super extreme 17 inch bullies.  These are some of the best as well as the rarest American Pit Bull Terriers in the world.  We started with greyline blood and then started breeding what we liked and never stopped. The blue nose pit bull terrier which we still have is the only reason we are able to enjoy these monsters, so we have some amazing pits at Blue Kryptonite Bullyz.  After years of owning and training the pit bull terrier I fell in love with  the American Bully, a much stockier, girthy, more musclular version, which also have larger heads which we like.  They also tend to be a lot less tempermental and agressive (general statement) .  At Blue kryptonite bullyz we strive for excellence and that means providing quality breeding and services to the breed weather it’s the American Bully or The American Pit bull Terrier.  We breed for the quality, structure, extreme look as well as temperament, and health. We are located in the heart of Charleston South Carolina where the Bullies have a great amount of space to run and train. Our two main studs Champion Achilles and Simran have been making their mark in the Bully world with each and every show we take them to.  Handling them in the ring is a pleasure for me and they also enjoy it. They are always taken out at shows so our clients can actually see what they really look like.  We dont just put up one picture of our dogs on the site but as many as we can without you having to sit their for 30 min to get through.  We expose our dogs as much as possible through social media be it facebook our fan page and our website.   (No glamour shots and myths here). With Blue Kryptonite Bullyz what you see is exactly what you get!

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Kennel Sale, all dogs are for sale with UKC papers Purple ribbon, Dna Profiled, Trained, either off Champions or Champions themselves. Also they all come with a 7 generation roll out scroll to frame. Up to date on all shots and are very healthy and br, They all have flawless confirmation while being the perfect specimine of American Bully, wide, chest,head, and tons of girth while being correct, sure to champ out in any ring.  The lines prove that these dogs are consistant when they produce.  Please think about what dog youd like and either meet my price or make an offer and please no  low balling as I wont waste your time so please dont waste mine.  These are some of the best show dogs in the country going for anywhere from 1200 to 10-15k for one of my champions that I intended on keeping. Prices are as follows.   I would sell the eintire kennel minus a few dogs for 50k and or entertain co owns w the right person.  I would love to keep them all but am in a position where I have to sell them.

Shotta aka Errol (simran clone) a little over a year and a half and never been bred he is 2500 w UKC papers, Dna P, Trained, and house broken.  He is wider and a little more muscular than his father champion Simran, Baby Girl (shemale Simran Clone) will go for 2k to the right home, she is a female version of Simran INSANE! 

 SWITCH, this is a Sasha clone (the mother of the litter) she will be 2k w all the papers dna p, trained and again flawless, very girthy! 

 Fat Bastard if I sell would be 10k or best offer he is one of a kind!  Champion Simran I would think about selling for the right price and home at 7k or best offer and right home. 

 Nala is a rednose UNPapered Female that is for sale only to the best home for 500$, she is a pet very sweet and listens well. 

 The 3 pockets  I wont sell unless the offer is over 10k as they are priceless to me and im able to keep them.  These are my pets which is the reason as I can keep them and their some of the best looking shortest most muscular pockets in the country!

Ch Achilles whom I retired would be 10k or best offer, and 

Haze would be 5k she is trained in personal protection, she is ADBA registered, and the price would have to be over 5k because she is my house pet. 

mlavinthal@gmail.com for serious inquiries.  All pics are right on the page, so those r what you should go by and yes they are just a little bit bigger more muscle and filled out.

No dogs will be sold for illegal purposes meaning FIGHTING!  THESE ARE ELITE SHOW DOGS AND SHOULD BE TREATED AS SUCH.